My contribution to
the October food-blogger challenge:
Blue St.Galler Potato Soup.



We tried a box of meals from HelloFresh

I have been curious about the home delivered meal kits offered online, so when I got the chance of testing the HelloFresh Family Box I jumped to it. I will tell you all about our personal experience with the meals, but first 5 fun facts: HelloFresh is a big meal kit... read more

Live it up in Lindenstrasse

This Friday (June 10th, starting at 17h) and Saturday (June 11th, ending at 23h) there will be a food feast in Luzern. For the third time – Streat – Strassen Food Market – will be held in Lindenstrasse; the meltingpot of Luzern according to the... read more

Why should I style my breakfast?

I`m sure you`ve all seen amazing pictures of wow-factor styled breakfast plates served on the Internet. The storytelling childrens plates showing mandarin fish with blueberry airbubbles and kiwi seagrass, or two lovebirds of bread and cheese with strawberry wings and... read more

Decorating with apples

I like inviting people over on a meal. Some of the best evenings are spontaneous; like the ones when you call up a friend an hour before dinner and invite them over. If you feel like decorating the table for such an event, you will need to grab what you already have... read more

Brunch in the workshop

Only three short weeks ago a new restaurant opened in Luzern Neustadt. Zur Werkstatt embraces the consept of a workshop and this is displayed through out the restaurant in the building-kit tables, kitchenware, the use of concrete grey and wood brown colors and pots... read more

Die Eier von Meier

Photo from Every two weeks I get a pack of 15 eggs delivered directly to my door through a company called EierMeier. Fresh farm eggs from smaller, local farms who don`t neccecarely have a big contract with a major Swiss groccery store, but are proofed and... read more



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