The Beiz – a dying race

Me at restaurant Neuhof in Kriens. Nice place and good food. Will change owner next week. In Switzerland you never have to go far to find a restaurant. Usually, outside of the city center, there will be a  “Beiz” on every corner. A Beiz is the local pub... read more

Cooking Party – Soups

Monday March 2nd I`ll be in restaurant Kostgeberei in Luzern Neustadt to make three different soups as a three course meal: – French onionsoup – Asparagussoup with baked salmon – Strawberry- and mintsoup You are most welcome to join me in the kitchen... read more

Why should I style my breakfast?

I`m sure you`ve all seen amazing pictures of wow-factor styled breakfast plates served on the Internet. The storytelling childrens plates showing mandarin fish with blueberry airbubbles and kiwi seagrass, or two lovebirds of bread and cheese with strawberry wings and... read more

Lemon for Easter

What is the color of Easter? Lemon, of course. Here i have gathered 3 of my favorite recipes using lot`s of lemon. Lemon Pie My all time favorite. Such a sweet tasting pie and yet the sour lemon gives it that extra kick. Asparagus Mimosa Perfect now that asparagus are... read more

Brunch in the workshop

Only three short weeks ago a new restaurant opened in Luzern Neustadt. Zur Werkstatt embraces the consept of a workshop and this is displayed through out the restaurant in the building-kit tables, kitchenware, the use of concrete grey and wood brown colors and pots... read more

Veiled Farmers Girls – a dessert

Apart from the birthday cake Bløtkake, I think Veiled Farmers Girls (tilslørte bondepiker in Norwegian) must be the most appreciated traditional dessert in Norway. Especially in the fall when apples are in season. I have served it several times to guests here in... read more



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