Fresh start to 2017 with a Clean Menu Plan

  Let the new year begin fresh and with a cleanse. This week I`ll be starting my yearly Clean Week and although you might not believe me, I have been looking forward to this. I will use the same menu plan I followed last year and the year before that and the year... read more

Decorating with apples

I like inviting people over on a meal. Some of the best evenings are spontaneous; like the ones when you call up a friend an hour before dinner and invite them over. If you feel like decorating the table for such an event, you will need to grab what you already have... read more

Might as well detox in January, right?

Doing a detox week or two in January is for many people like hitting the re-set button for the body after an eating-frenzy in December. I like detoxing; actually I really look forward to it when I`m stuffing myself with yet another round of Fondue Chinoise. Getting... read more

Ginger and friends

(These products were sponsored) Fresh ginger root has become a regular in my kitchen. Along with it`s good friends lemon and honey. I feel prepared for making any remedy needed during these cold winter days. The ginger root came from Asia to Europe with the romans...

Brunch in the workshop

Only three short weeks ago a new restaurant opened in Luzern Neustadt. Zur Werkstatt embraces the consept of a workshop and this is displayed through out the restaurant in the building-kit tables, kitchenware, the use of concrete grey and wood brown colors and pots... read more

Die Eier von Meier

Photo from Every two weeks I get a pack of 15 eggs delivered directly to my door through a company called EierMeier. Fresh farm eggs from smaller, local farms who don`t neccecarely have a big contract with a major Swiss groccery store, but are proofed and... read more



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