Beetroot is not everyones taste. Kids turn their nose up and claim it smells like dirt. And yes, it does have an earthy smell and can resemble spinach in taste. I find that pairing beetroot with citrus and some kind of sweetening makes it more likable to a larger crowd.
For this salad I`ve combined it with orange and balsamic vinegar. My kids finished their serving and asked for seconds so why not try it?


As a side dish for 2-3 servings you will need:

* 1 Beetroot, raw and cut into matchsticks
* White wine vinegar, to cover the Beetroot
* 1 large yellow Orange
* Balsamic cream
* A small handful of fresh Mint leaves
* Salt & Pepper


Peel the beetroot (you might want to use plastic gloves to avoid stains on your hands), and cut it into matchsticks. Place the matchsticks in a large bowl and cover with white wine vinegar for at least one hour in room temperature (can also stay in fridge overnight).

After on hour, pour out the white wine vinegar leaving only the beetroot matchsticks left in the bowl.
Now you take the balsamic cream bottle and make 4-5 swirls with it in the bowl.
Add two pinches of salt and two pinches of pepper.
Mix it all well together.

Peel the orange, removing all white bits. Cut the orange into smaller pieces and add these plus the juice on your cutting board to the bowl.
Again mix it all well together.

Please add more salt, pepper or balsamic cream if you find it necessary.

Cut the mint leaves into smaller pieces and sprinkle the salad with it right before serving.

This salad goes very well with all white meat and fish.

If you feel like serving it as a main dish itself, you could add boiled eggs (these will stain from the beetroot) and sunflower seeds and serve with garlic bread.


Use a raw potato to remove beetroot stains from your hands. Just cut one potato in half and rub the inside of the potato on your hand till the stain is gone. You might want to moisturize your skin with some hand lotion afterwards.


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