Crisp bread with yummy toppings


Crisp bread is so typical Norwegian breakfast food. Along side wholewheat bread and oatmeal.
I am a breakfast person and this photo shows what I had to eat this morning (what it does not show is the greek yoghurt with honey and nuts I had as “dessert”).

Crisp bread was for a long time considered the poor man`s diet and has been baked in the nordic countries since 500AD.

I like the rye type and as for topping – just go simple. Use what you have and preferably something fresh.

Some of my favorite combos are:

* Cream cheese+pepper bell stripes+cumin
* Cucumber+feta cheese+black olives
* Strawberries+rose pepper+mint leaves
* Avocado+black pepper+thin slices of lemon+chili flakes (photo)
* Tomato+Maldon salt+chia seeds+chives (photo)


Store your crisp breads in an air tight container. Preferably in a dark and cool place.
Air can make the breads a little sticky but by adding uncooked rice to the container you can prevent this, as the rice with “soak up” the humidity in the box.


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