I have been curious about the home delivered meal kits offered online, so when I got the chance of testing the HelloFresh Family Box I jumped to it. I will tell you all about our personal experience with the meals, but first 5 fun facts:

  • HelloFresh is a big meal kit delivery company found in Germany, Holland, Austria, Belgium, UK, USA, Canada, Australia and now also in Switzerland.
  • HelloFresh Switzerland use only Swiss bio farm-fresh vegetables for their recipes.
  • Weekly subscriptions include all ingredients for 3 weekday-meals.
  • You may choose between the Explore Box, the Express Box and the Family Box.
  • You can pause and cancel the delivery at any time.

Overall I really liked the recipes, and the freshness of the products. The delivery span was flexible and everything was neatly wrapped. Perhaps too neatly wrapped as I ended up with a lot of paper and plastic waste. Meat- and dairy products came wrapped in a blanket called “Woolcool”. I pictured how my basement would quickly fill up with these blankets, but it turns out that you may easily return the carton boxes and the “woolcool” with every fourth delivery.

The portions are very generous. We are two adults and two kids (10 and 13) in my family, and we had leftovers after each meal. Now, we tested the Family Box during summertime and with the warm weather we don`t tend to have such an appetite as in the colder season. I didn`t mind the leftovers – not at all actually, because they made for a great lunch the following day.

We started our test week of with the orzo salad. Each recipe is clearly described with step-by-step pictures. If you wish to stay within the timeframe given on the card, I suggest reading through the entire recipe to get the idea of the dish before starting. The orzo salad with broccoli, pepper bell and feta cheese was a huge hit at the table. Orzo or risoni if you will, are noodles shaped as rice. Perfect for salads.


Next up was a creamy pesto-ross potato gratin. Also this a huge hit!
A really positive surprise for me was that nothing came “ready made”. For this dish for example, we made the pesto-rosso ourselves from scratch. Easy to do and it tastes so much better that from a jar.


The third meal I was very excited about when I saw the recipe card: Tortilla Bowl.
My kids just love tortilla and I was sure this would be a hit. However, it took quite a lot of time to create the tortilla bowls as they were large and I could only fit one in the oven at a time. Also, we found it difficult to incorporate the tortilla itself in a bite, ending up only eating the filling. But hey, that`s us – you might have gotten a better grip of the tortilla than I did.

( as you can see, I had varied success with creating the tortilla bowls 😉 )

“I enjoyed helping out in the kitchen. The recipes are fun!”

Ella, 10 years old.

Let the kids into the kitchen. The Family Box is ideal for getting the whole family participating in dinner-making. I love spending time with my girls, and now with school starting back up most of their free time will be spent doing homework or at an after school activity. Getting that fun time together in the kitchen could be just what we need after a busy day.

Do you want to have your own meal kit box delivered directly to your door?
And how about getting 25 CHF off the 1 and 2 box?
Go to www.hellofresh.ch to get the deal and find the box that`s right for you. 
When you place your order, please remember to write the discount code: Norwegian2x25.

(In co-operation with HelloFresh.ch)


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