A few weeks ago I had lunch (Mittagessen) at Neubad Bistro – again.
I just love coming back here.
Good food, friendly staff and kids of all ages are most welcome.
In fact, next to my table, to dads were having lunch with five kids and also at the same large table, two men in suits were enjoying their stroganoff.  It´s an uncomplicated and laidback atmosphere, yet lacking of nothing you would want from a lunch-place.

View to entrance from my table. Open rooms with lot`s of daylight thanks to big windows.

Before you check out the menu, let`s take a quick look back in history:
The old indoor swimming pool, Hallenbad Biregg, was built in May 1969. The building was designed by the two Lucerne architects: Adolf und Lis Ammann-Stebler. It took one and a half year to finish the building to the price tag of 7 million Swiss francs. In September 2012 they drained the pool, made some constructional changes, built the bistro counter where you used to buy your entrance tickets and, most importantly, created a networking club presenting a diversity in culture and creativity to a new audience.
Hallenbad Biregg was now turned into Neubad.

Neubad Bistro – just dive into it.
The Neubad Bistro offers breakfast, lunch and dinner every week from Tuesday to Friday. On the weekends you can get breakfast till four o`clock in the afternoon and small snacks all day. They have weekly lunch menus, monthly dinner menus and breakfast deals for non-swimmers, free-swimmers and “the hangovers”. Every day you can choose between a vegetarian or meat 2 course lunch menu.

Click HERE to see this weeks menu as example:  (PDF in German)

Delicious Neubad-made ice-tea and my daily espresso.

Regular events in the Neubad Bistro:
Every 1. Wednesday in the month, the Bistro hosts an open buffet with money collection. This is a meeting place for people with and without a Swiss passport, presenting food from other countries.

Burger & Piano
Every 2. Wednesday in the month the Bistro offers delicious burgers accompanied with piano tunes. Oh, and if you sit down to play, they will give you a free beer.

The Club-Pub
The last Saturday in the month is Vereinsbeiz where members within the network will cook.

For even more detailed info about Neubad Bistro click HERE.

The outside area has a small playground and is the perfect setting for Burgers & Piano in the summertime.


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