A couple of times a week I work for a museum in Luzern.
I take the bus to work and surrounding my busstop ,Löwenplatz, there are three bakeries: Bachmann, Hug and Heini.
They represent three of the largest bakery companies in Switzerland. In my opinion they are all great, but they are strong in different areas, and I guess that`s why they all survive. They cater to different needs and different people. Yes, they all have cakes and bread, but while Bachmann has couscous salad with greek yoghurt and avocado sandwiches, Hug has “homemade” pommegranate ice-tea and spinnache pai, and Heini has Birchermüsli and panini with black olive tapenade and tuna mousse.

So, where`s the difference really?

Well, take the coffee – for many people (myself included) the best thing about morning.
Who would imagine that ordering a Latte Macchiato could give me three such different take away experiences?

At Bachmanns I get the largest cup with lot`s of warm, foamy milk and one espresso shot. Hug serves me an almost as large paper cup with warm milk but with two espresso shots, and at Heini I get a cup that`s half the size of the others filled with one espresso shot and topped with warm milk.  And then there is of course the quality of coffee and where they get their milk from. (I hate it when a favorite coffee place suddenly changes up an ingredient.)

Yes, I can understand if you think I`m being picky about small things, but here`s the deal: Don`t mess with my morning coffee!

Oh, and yes, if I could I would love to have the two espresso shots from Hug mixed with the foamy milk from Bachmanns, but in the size of the Heini paper cup.


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