If you are a food blogger, you should deffinitly think about eating a decent meal before you sit down to blog about food.

I`m not good at this at all!
When the kids have left for school, I want to get as much work done before it`s time for lunch (Mittagessen).
This would be around 08:00 and I have by then probably had a glass of lemon-water, a cup of mint tea and eaten half an avocado.

I bring my cup of coffee to the computer and pull out photos of dishes I`ve made lately and start writing – about food.
Bad idea! All of a sudden I get very hungry, but I push it away because I want to get the job done.
But then I still get up, walk out to the kitchen and find a quick snack. Something bread probably. Bad idea!

So note to self: take time to eat a real breakfast before sitting down infront of the computer to write about food!



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