Atlantic pollock (Saithe / Seelachs) is largely considered to be a whitefish, although it is a fairly strongly flavored one. Traditionally a popular source of food in some countries, such as Norway, in the United Kingdom it has previously been largely consumed as a cheaper and versatile alternative to cod.
Pollock can be fried, boiled, grilled and is perfect to use in fishcakes.

This recipe serves 4.

What you need:

* 1 dl flour
* 2 eggs
* Breadcrumbs
* 3/4 kg pollock filet
* 2 tablespoons olive oil
* 1 tablespoon butter
* Salt & Pepper

Pesto ingredients:

* 5 dl fresh mint leaves
* 1 handful walnuts
* 2 big garlic cloves
* 1 dl olive oil
* 70 g freshly grated parmesan
* Salt & Pepper

What you do:

First make the pesto.
Mix together mint, nuts, garlic and parmesan in a blender. Add the oil a little at the time till you reach desired consistency.
Add salt and pepper to taste.

Prepare one plate with flour mixed with salt and pepper and another plate with beaten eggs and a third with breadcrumbs.
Cut the pollock in four filets. Turn each of the filets in flour, eggs and at last breadcrumbs. Fry the fish on middle heat. Turn them frequently in the pan so they get evenly golden brown.

Serve the fish with a big spoonful of pesto on top.





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