Today the kids wanted mashed potatoes to go with the chicken filets.
Ok, maybe not my first choise but why not?!

There are many ways to spice up the normal boring mashed potates. You can ad lime, chili, morrels, sun dried tomates, olive oil although not all together. You don`t want to over do it so i recommend trying out one new ingredience at the time.

My extra ingredience for today was the very tasty cheese Vacherin Mont d`Or. I love this cheese! It`s only in season from September to April so be sure to circle it in you calendar.
I added a big table spoon of this wonderful cheese into the already made potatoe mash.
Let it melt before mixing it with the potatoes.

Ah, my God – pure bliss!
This will go with anything. 🙂

En guete!


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