The English say Jerusalem Artichoke, the French say Topinambour and you may now find it in the store as sunchoke or sunroot. Maybe the last names are more correct descriptions because this root does not origin from Jerusalem and it`s not a part of the artichoke family.
The Native Americans were the first once to use the sunroot as food, and when the Europeans came to America, they sent the roots back to Europe.
The root it self is like a potato without the starch.

Here I use it in a soup with apples and other goodies.


This gives about 2 servings.

* 8 Jerusalem Artichokes / Topinambour
* 1 Apple
* 1/4 Celeriac
* 1 Shallot
* 5 sprigs Chervil
* 100 ml Cream
* 600 ml Broth, Vegetable
* 6 Sundried Tomatoes


Peel the roots, onion and celeriac and cut them into smaller pieces.
Place it in a soup pan with a little olive oil.
Heat the pan to a middle to hot temperature.
Stir the vegetables around to prevent them from sticking to the pan.

Peel the apple and cut it into smaller cubes.
Add the cubes to the soup pan.

Let the roots get a little golden and softer before adding the broth.
Have the sprigs of chervil in the pan and let everything simmer for 15-20 minutes.
The longer the better actually.

When the vegetables are nice and soft, take the pan of the hot plate and use a hand blender directly in the pan to smoothen the mix.
Blend till there are no lumps left.
Then add the cream and blend again.
Now it should get a thicker and smoother texture.

Have the pan back on the hot plate.
Add salt and pepper to taste.

Slice the sundries tomatoes into thin stripes and decorate the soup with it right before you serve.

Serve hot and with freshly made warm toast.



You may add 100 ml white wine or apple cider to the soup for a little more depth of flavor.



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