Do you remember that I was on a TV-show in May 2017 presenting my favorite restaurant in Luzern, Zur Werkstatt?
If you don`t, you can catch up on the episode by clicking right here: Mini Beiz, dini Beiz – Zur Werkstatt

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of working with Zur Werkstatt again and the two Chefs Sebastian and Chris.

The restaurant allowed me into their kitchen and together we cooked a three course lunch menu with recipes from my cookbook “Velkommen”. We served celeriac soup with apple topping, garlic burgers with hasselback potatoes on parsnip puree and for dessert a sweet cream with grated chocolate called “Queen Mauds Dessert”.

My favorite part last time was chatting with the guests over the dishes as they came to pick up their meal at the kitchen counter. I love that Zur Werkstatt has an open kitchen! I`ve stood on both sides of that kitchen counter now and know that the chefs value the direct contact with the guests as much as the guests appreciate the opportunity of asking the cooks about the food.





I was mainly in charge of the soup station.

For the next two Thursdays in November I will get to present my dishes again in the restaurant Zur Werkstatt in Luzern.
Every Thursday new dishes as you can see listed below.

Will you come and join me for lunch on Thursday?
Hope to see you at Zur Werkstatt in Luzern from 11:30.



Have a look at the upcoming lunch menus:

Thursday Nov. 23th. 2017
* Celeriac soup with apple topping (starter)
* Ovenbaked salmon covered with pearslices served with barley-pilaf (main)
* Cloudberry cream with meringue (dessert)

Thursday Nov. 30th. 2017
* Celeriac soup with apple topping (starter)
* Venison stew nordic style with potatoes and currant jam (main)
* “Veiled Farmers Girls” – an old traditional Norwegian dessert made with apples, biscuits and whipped cream (dessert)


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