It`s been exciting weeks and I`ve been a busy bee.
Perhaps not as busy here on the blog as I should have been, but there is always another side to a bloggers life. Or maybe two or three sides. Somethings are shown on the blog, others and more frequent glimpses are shared on Instagram (@thenorwegianhausfrau) and Snapchat (theresehausfrau) and then there`s a private side without hashtags – just as it should be.

I often get sent questions from readers concerning the blog and my life here in Switzerland. I try to respond personally to all, but seeing as certain questions keep repeating and nobody has invented the 30 hours day yet, I will share some in this post.

First of all, thank you to all new blog followers. I really appreciate you visiting and reading my posts.
Thank you to everyone who`s sharing the posts and recipes with your friends!

Ok, so let me answer 5 questions from you guys:

Which is the most visited recipe?
The most visited recipe last week was: Älplermagronen – Swiss traditional dish
This doesn`t surprise me as it`s the season for it. All the Ski-Resort restaurants offer it.

How long have you been blogging?
This blog, I`ve had for about four years.

Why don’t you do more restaurant reviews?
I don`t really do restaurant reviews. When I write about a restaurant I`ve visited, i tell about my own experience. If I recommend the place it`s based solely on one guest visiting the place on one given day. My personal opinion.
I`m sure I will write about more reastaurnat experiences soon again.

Where did you spend your last vacation?
Here in Switzerland the Fasnachtsferien (Carnival- and Winter holiday) has come and gone.
I was in Engelberg with my family, but I did not ski.
Yes, I`m Norwegian and I don`t ski. And yes, I moved to Switzerland who has the best slopes and I still don`t ski.
Engelberg is actually more than snow sports. I took nice walks, visited the Talmuseum and had great fondue at Alpenclub.

What is your favorite meal of the day?
Breakfast! (Is coffee a meal?)
Or maybe it`s Apéro…can`t decide.

So, there you have it for now.
Thank you for your questions – keep them coming and I will answer more next week.
Have a great week and check out this go-to tip below.

Are you hooked on the store bought salad sauces?
Is it because you think making your own is to difficult, time-consuming or it won`t taste good?
I have a go-to salad sauce that never fails me.
It`s quick and easy to make, and I can vary the taste as I like (and get to use up left over condiments).
Please click here for recipe: MY GO-TO SALAD SAUCE


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