You know that feeling when your belly feels swollen and just about four months pregnant?
That`s bloating, and it´s usually caused by the food we eat.

A lot of the foods which cause bloating are very nutricious. They are good for us in other acpects, and I wouldn`t recomend leaving them out of your daily diet, but if you plan on wearing a thight fitting dress tomorrow I would skip these listed foods as of right now.

But don`t worry, I have alternatives for you and in some cases ways of using the gas forming foods without getting too bloated.


A great protein and healthy carb source.
Rich in fiber and vitamins.

The sugar, in these legumes, causing the build up of gas can be reduced if you soak the beans over night or an equal timeframe during the day. You get a better result if you change the water a few times.

You can replace beans with grains, rice or quinoa.

The gluten protein will for many people cause digestive problems. Also for us without Celiac desease.

You can relplace wheat with quinoa, buckwheat, oats and other flours made of almond, coconut, millet and corn

Yes, cruciferous is a difficult word, but here are some of the vegetables it refers to: broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, bok choy, cress, rutabaga, wasabi, mustard seeds, maca, radish, turnip, kohlrabi, arugula and other not so common types.

Watering the vegetables out and cooking them may help them get easier to digest.

You can replace them with lettuce, cucumber, sweet potato, spinach and zucchini.

Carbonated drinks contain the gas carbon dioxide. Some of this gas will get trapped in your digestive system and cause bloating.

You can replace these drinks with plain still water or tea.

Onions are a big source of fructans which are fibers that can cause bloating.

You can reduce the bloating effect by cooking the onions before eating them.

You can replace onion with fresh herbs or other spices. For example, fresh basil leaves will give a strong, spicy taste to a dish.

Other things that could help you avoid bloating are to stay away from sugar and alcohol, and not to eat too much at a time.
Physical activity is great and you might also benefit from taking magnesium supplements.

Botttom line is that bloating can be reduced or eliminated with simple changes in your diet. But as mentioned earlier, the listed produce are in other ways beneficial for your body and I wouldn`t leave them completely out unless you really have to.


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