I am not a vegetarian, but I do enjoy eating meat-free most days during the week. There are so many good dishes to be made, which do not necessarily need meat. I will add chicken or lamb to a dish during the week and then possibly do a roast of some kind on the weekend.

Studies say that an average woman should consume about 45g protein per day. To make sure my family gets enough proteins with their meals, I try to add one or two of these ingredients to the menu:

* Greek Yoghurt
(contains less sugar than normal yoghurt and more protein.)

* Cottage Cheese
(Full of casein protein which is a slow-digesting protein.)

* Cheese
(in general, cheese is a good protein source.)

* Eggs
(Not only high on protein, but also a great B vitamins = energy source.)

* Chia seeds
(packed with Omega-3, fiber, antioxidants and protein.)

* Nuts
(Almond, Walnuts, Pecan nuts – so many tasty choises!)

* Beans
(Easy to integrate in any dish.)

* Quinoa
(glutenfree and packed with all nine essential amino acids.)

We often get stuck in patterns in life and this is also true when it comes to cooking. Our days are full of activities and the to-do list never gets any shorter, i know. Trying out a new recipe is time consuming, i know.
But it can also be a good thing to shake up the pattern a little.

Pick a day when you have a little extra time. Do the shopping and make a new dish.
It does`t really have to be all that new either. Like the first dish on my list below, spaghetti with brussels sprout. You`ve probably cooked spaghetti a thousand times. Here you just add ingredients to it which you may not have combined it with before.
But it`s still spaghetti.

Here are a six links to meat-free dishes I like to serve my family:

Spaghetti with Brussels sprouts

Lemon Agnolotti with Nectarine and Blueberries

Filled mushroom (just skip the ham)

Green Salad with Eggs

Swiss Chard Galette

Tomato & Potato Soup




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