Doing a detox week or two in January is for many people like hitting the re-set button for the body after an eating-frenzy in December.
I like detoxing; actually I really look forward to it when I`m stuffing myself with yet another round of Fondue Chinoise.

Getting rid of toxins in your body doesn`t mean that you only have to drink juice for a week. There are different levels of dieting and if it`s your first time, there is no need to go all extreme. I clean up myself and my family without them really knowing it.
With this I mean that since I`m in charge of the cooking at our house, I will serve them meals which fit the regulations of my detox week. Without complaints from kids nor husband, yet.

My detox plan may not fit your family so feel free to make adjustments, but let me tell you a little about how I go about it.
Forexample I will leave out milk, sugar, alcohol, tomatoes, coffein, pork and white flour. Some of these products contain acids I wish to flush out of my system.
[ctt template=”4″ link=”feyCY” via=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]Every morning I make a large pitcher of water and add fresh herbs and fruits to it. @TheNHausfrau[/ctt]

Water is what we`ll drink thoughout the day and I will re-fill a pitcher once or twice.
I drink a minimum of 8 glasses a day.


For breakfast I will serve an eggwhite omelette with spinach (topped with a teaspoon chili seeds for the adults), a bowl of fruit and hot camomile tea.

For Z`nüni a banana and a tall glass water will help you pick up energy.

At lunch I`ll start with a green salad (olive oil and apple cider vinegar dresing), then continue with white fish, avocado and quinoa. Also here water, water, water.

Z´vieri will be a cup of hot green tea, a handful of almonds and a small bowl of berries.

For supper there will be a big bowl of vegetable soup and rye bread.

And so the days pass by, often repeating parts of the menu in some form.


The most challenging thing about doing a detox week is having the right ingredients at hand when you get hungry. Hunger is no joke; if you only have milk and frosted flakes in the house when it grabs you, then you will goble down milk and frosted flakes. So making a meal plan in advance and shopping in advance is essential for success.

There is of course no rule for what time during the year you should do such a detox. But it makes sence to clean up after a time of excessive consumption so we might as well detox in January, right?


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