There are certain foods that keep better when not placed in the fridge.
Not because they will make you ill, but rather that they will change their texture and taste, and therefor lose their quality.
So to get the most flavor out of your food, please do not put these foods in your fridge:


If you place oils in the fridge they will turn thick; almost like butter. It will take a long time for it to go back to liquid, especially with olive and coconut oil.


Will wilt faster when placed in the fridge. It may also absorb smell from other foods.
Keep it fresh in a glass of water in room temperature or you can freeze it.


Garlic will turn bad pretty fast in the fridge.
The texture will get rubbery and moldy, but unfortunately you can`t see that from the outside of the garlic.


The starch in the potatoes will turn faster into sugar if you keep the potatoes in such a cold place as a fridge.
This means you will end up with a sweet and powdery potato.
Potatoes are best kept in paper bags and stored in a dark, cool (not cold) place.


The cold fridge air makes the tomatoes loose all their flavor. Basically because this air stops the ripening process.
All you`re left with is a mealy textured and flavor-lost fruit.
Tomatoes are best kept in room temperature.


Storing a melon in room temperature will preserve the antioxidant levels.
Old once the fruit is cut open it`s best kept in a fridge.


Coffee will absorb all smells around it, so imagine how your coffee will taste it kept in the fridge.
Also the cold air will drain the coffee bean of all it`s natural flavor.


These two behave quite similar when put in the fridge.
The cold air will slower the ripening process. So a green banana will stay green and never get it`s potential flavor.
However if you place a banana with skin going brown, in the fridge, then the skin will get darker but the fruit inside will stay intact. And the same goes for avocado.


Berries will rot much faster when placed in the fridge.
This is due to moisture. They are best kept in room temperature and eaten quickly.


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