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Fresh ginger root has become a regular in my kitchen.
Along with it`s good friends lemon and honey.
I feel prepared for making any remedy needed during these cold winter days.

The ginger root came from Asia to Europe with the romans about two thousand years ago. It was for a long time only enjoyed in the Mediterranean cuisine, but slowely found its way up north.

I know and use the ginger root that you find in the local groccery store, but the family-run company The Ginger People made me aware of other products containing pure ginger.
They were kind enough to send me three samples from their product line, which by the way can all be found in several Swiss bio stores.


First I tried the Organic Ginger Syrup.
It`s sweet like any other syrup and behind the sweetness, a sharper ginger comes sneaking. It`s a rather large bottle and you don`t need much to get a great taste, so it will last you for a long time.
It goes well on pancakes, in baked goods, on your breakfast bowl of yoghurt,oats and fruits, in Raisin-Ginger Vinaigrette and in your Friday night Prosecco drinks.


Next up was the Organic Ginger Juice.
This packs a punch!
Pure ginger drops which I found great for my go-to Salad Sauce, wok dishes, my Booster Breakfast and my Hot Remedy Tea (lemon and honey also joined in here).
Adding a few drops in a carrot cake cream cheese frosting was also a success. I`m sure I could have used the Ginger Syrup for the frosting, but since it was already sweetened I opted for the pure Ginger Juice.


Last but not least, the Organic Minced Ginger.
Again the ginger is pure and packs a punch. You don`t need a lot to spice up your dish, so also this will last a long time.
I added a teaspoon of it to my Quick Trout Curry recipe and my Tomato & Potato Soup.

I really like the fresh ginger root, but have to admit that I found it very practical to always have some type of bottled or jared ginger in the house. These are good products and I will be back for more once these are empty (as mentioned they will last a long time).

The Ginger People website has much more info on how to use and where to get their products.


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