I like inviting people over on a meal. Some of the best evenings are spontaneous; like the ones when you call up a friend an hour before dinner and invite them over. If you feel like decorating the table for such an event, you will need to grab what you already have in the house. Candles and flowers always work and here I have combined them with apples.
A great prop for fall decoration.


Last dinner I filled a vase with apples and added a beautiful sunflower, which covered the top of the vase. Then I carved out an apple and placed a candle in it. The rest of the apples I had, I filled a tray with and added more flowers.

It`s easy, it looks good and it took me no more than 15 minutes to create.


All that was left to do was to fill up the wine glasses, make sure the soup was hot and put my lipstick on.

(PS: this Hausfrau does not own an iron nor an ironing-board and doesn`t really care to. 😉 )



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