I`m sure you`ve all seen amazing pictures of wow-factor styled breakfast plates served on the Internet.
The storytelling childrens plates showing mandarin fish with blueberry airbubbles and kiwi seagrass, or two lovebirds of bread and
cheese with strawberry wings and orange beaks, sitting on thin apple branches decorated with pommegrate “apples”.
As far as I can see, these two examples would be the easy ones to copy, but do yourself a favour: don`t show them to yours kids.
Because who really has time to do this at 6am on a school-morning?
This early, my brain can only focus on pressing the double espresso button on the coffee machine.

Sure, I will give my kids a healthy breakfast, and there will probably be a story to it; like how I cut my finger slicing the apple and that`s why I`m wearing a Spongebob bandaid which was the last bandaid in the house, or how annoyed I got when the plastic foil on the ham just wouldn`t open.

But there will be no food-art.
Just food.

Come to think of it, I`m not sure my two pre-teen girls would know how to appreciate food-art before noon (or at all?). Most of the time, I`m not sure if they`re saying “good morning” or just clearing their throats as they pass me on the way to the bathroom. So no, mandarin fish with blueberry airbubbles would be wasted here.

I could of course imagine myself serving the kids a masterpice for breakfast, and after getting them stressfree of to school I would return to the kitchen to slice up four or five different fruits for my trendy smoothie bowl, which I would enjoy in the kiwi garden under the tree with the apple branches and bread lovebirds with strawberry wings.
But for now, I`ll be content with my coffee and scrambled eggs, which I`ll probably be eating in front of this computer while working.

Enjoy your day!



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