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Every two weeks I get a pack of 15 eggs delivered directly to my door through a company called EierMeier.
Fresh farm eggs from smaller, local farms who don`t neccecarely have a big contract with a major Swiss groccery store, but are proofed and qualified trough these steps:

–  Animal-friendly freerange farms.

– Natural feeding,
Vegetarian and GMO free.

– Freshness,
The eggs taste excellent as they are only a few days old.

– Control,
All eggs are sorted and examined regularly for salmonella.

– Transparent origins,
Each egg is stamped with a code showing where the egg was laid.
On you can give in the code to see the producer.

– Guaranteed quality,
A  full pagage of fresh egges will be given you for free, if your`re not satisfied with the quality of the ones you were first delivered.

And on the note of delivery, they offer free home delivery. If you`re not at home, the carton of eggs can be placed in your mailbox (Milchkasten).

Easy going and friendly, is how I have experienced the staff at EierMeier.
Not at all pushy, with telephones every week, which I have had from other delivery companies.

I like that they focus on getting local products out to the people. That`s really what`s most important I think. So, if you buy your eggs in a grocery store or through a delivery company, please make sure it`s from a regional producer.


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