When mom has the flu, she is not really sick; if you know what I mean.
Mom needs to function at any time. Therefor she drinks hot water with lemon, ginger and honey and eats fruit and other vitamin-source-foods. Mom knows that she has to do this to get through the day. So she eats, even if she`s not hungry because she has the flu.

But when her kid gets the flu, with high fever, soar throat and absolutely no appetite, then mom gets really sick. Sick from worry about how to get vitamins an nutrients into her little kids body. Mom also knows that giving her kid medicine on an empty stomach can result in an upset stomach and possibly vomiting. So getting the kid to eat something – anything – is very important.

Since I`ve just been through this with my youngest kid, I will share what I did to try to get her to eat. Not everything worked for us, but every kid is different so maybe you can still benefit from my tries. And as I`m sure this is not the last time we will have the flu visiting, I would apreciate learning your tricks to get kids to eat when they are sick so leave me a comment.

What I tried:

Make a pot of her favorite tea.
I made a large pot of mint tea every morning. Gave her a cup of warm (not too hot) tea when she woke up, but she really prefered to drink it later in the day when it got cold.

Blevita or other thin and airy wafers.
These worked quite well for her to suck on as they dissolved in her mouth and had very little taste. More flavourful food would make her nauseous.

Orange juice.
Not so good. It irritated her throat and made her cough more, so she pushed the glass away.

Well yes, I tried everything.
She usually loves cola, but this time it made her throw up.

Chicken broth and bread.
Warm chicken broth (not too hot and not too spicy) worked well. I cut bread into smaller pieces so she could dip them into the broth and suck on them.

Oatmeal porrige.
Nope, uncomfertable to swallow.

I cut up pear, persimmon kaki and mandarins. She ate a few pieces of pear and persimmon kaki. Mandarins were too sour.

Apple sauce.
She could eat this if it was served really cold. I guess she liked how it cooled her throat.

Normal dinner, bread, eggs, cereal, milk, ice-cream and chocolate were all totally not appealing to her.


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