Me at restaurant Neuhof in Kriens. Nice place and good food. Will change owner next week.

In Switzerland you never have to go far to find a restaurant.
Usually, outside of the city center, there will be a  “Beiz” on every corner.

A Beiz is the local pub which also servers good, traditional, grandmother-style food.
All at a very reasonable price.
The typical three course menu will offer you a green salad or “vegetable of the season” soup, cordon bleu with cheese from the region and french fries, and for dessert a caramel pudding.

The atmosfere is very laid back. Most visitors know eachother because they all live in the same area. There is always a table – Stammtisch – reserved for the regulars, and you will usually see small groups playing card games with the Swiss jazz cards.

Sadly, these restaurants are closing one after the other. The culture is changing, and todays young people don`t meet up at the local Beiz like the generations before them.  Why? Maybe because the young adults are more drawn to the cities? Maybe “the Beiz” is too stuck in the past to attract a new crowd?

In any case it`s a loss for everyone when these cultural landmarks dissapear. So, do a good deed this weekend and support a traditional Swiss restaurant near you.

Check out this list to find a Beiz or five in your Kanton.


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