20130403-120836.jpg the Package i received

Last month I joined a group called Foodie Pen Pal.
In short: every month you get assigned a foodie pen pal and you have to prepare a package of foods, recipes and or other inspirational foodie related items to send to your foodie pen pal.
You get either assigned within the US group (organized by The Lean Green Bean) or the European group (organized by This is Rock Salt).
Great fun and if you are a foodie you should join a well. See button in right column.

The foodie pen pal I was assigned to lives in England. I spent some time thinking about what I wanted to send her and ended up with Swiss local items and a little Easter chocolate.
I hope she enjoyed it.

I was eagerly awaiting my FPP package to arrive and so excited when the postman knocked on my door with it in hand. I gathered the kids and together we opened our mystery package.
It was easy to see that my pen pal had thoughtfully chosen items based on our correspondence of likings and dislikings. I loved all of it!
Thank you Annika from allthelivelongday.com.

Now we’re entering a new month and soon I’ll be assigned to a new pen pal – can’t wait to create and receive a new mystery package.


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