Seven dinners a week. From supermarket to pantry, refrigerator to table, sink to cupboard, the kitchen routine can get old, old, old.

Menu planning doesn`t have to be complicated – let the menu plans I offer help you get started and soon you`ll be on your way to create your own plans. With a menu plan you`ll save money, save time and improve your nutrition.


Lunch: Leftover Feast! (Set a nice table with candles and fill it with what ever leftovers you have from the weekend)
Dinner: Buckweat Crêpe

Lunch: Halibut with Salsa and Wild Rice
Dinner: Creamy Pepper Soup

Lunch: Italian Lasagna
Dinner: Sesame Greens and Bean Sprout Salad

Lunch: Corn Flake Fish Nuggets
Dinner: Risoni Salad

Lunch: Celery Soup with Pear and Gorgonzola (you can always leave the cheese out if the kids don`t like it)
Dinner: Pizza Party! Set a big pizza dough and let everyone make their own plate size pizza with favorite toppings.

Lunch: Swiss Chard Gratin
Dinner: Chorizo Omelet

Brunch: Invite friends over for brunch. Set a big table with all your morning favorites. Remember fresh bread!
Dinner: Sunday Roast Chicken


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