Legend has it that Raclette was invented by a Valaisian by the name of Léon. One cold day, he simply heated up a piece of cheese on the fire instead of eating it cold. This is how the typical Valaisian meal came about – a meal has been causing sensation well beyond the canton’s borders ever since – or to be precise, ever since the Middle Ages.
Raclette comes from the French verb racler, to scrape.

What you need:

* Raclette cheese in slices or 1 large wedge raclette (about 1 pound)
* 1 dozen cooked small new potatoes, unpeeled
* Assorted pickled garnishes: cornichons, pickled onions, caper berries
* If you like you could also serve mushrooms, sliced onion and ham.
* Pepper & Paprika

What you do:

Wash the potatoes and boil them in their skin until cooked.
Place the potatoes, cheese and all side dishes on the table.
Place a slice of cheese into raclette dish and place under the grill to melt.
When the cheese has melted scrape onto potatoes.
Grind fresh pepper on top and enjoy with baguette.
Enjoy with a light white wine.



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