Once a week I sit down with my cookbooks and food magazines and create next weeks meal plan.
I love doing this – it`s totally ME time.

A few readers have asked me to share my meal plans and although I cannot promise to do so every single week (quite time consuming), I will post plans on a regular basis.
You can find the plans under PLANNER in the top menubar.

Here is the first one and remember: it does`t matter which day one starts with because a week is like a circle – Monday always comes around again. 😉

Click on link to download. You can print it out and hang on your refrigerator door.
If you have questions regarding the meals and recipes please feel free to contact me through the comment field or mail thenorwegianhausfrau at gmail.com

If you`d like to create your own meal plan based on your family`s needs and likes then just download the empty template under PLANNER and get going.



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