Foods to Avoid with Arthritis

  • You must avoid fats and cholesterol containing foodstuffs like red meat and pork.
  • Dairy products like whole milk, cheese, and butter also contain high cholesterol and phosphorous, and hence, should be excluded from the arthritis diet.
  • It is advisable to avoid refined wheat and wheat products like wheat bread. It contains phosphorous and can aggravate arthritis. Corn should also be avoided.
  • Avoid having tomatoes, bell pepper, and eggplant, as some people have reported reduced joint pain after avoiding these foods completely.
  •  Other foods that you need to avoid as a diet for arthritis pain relief are excess sugar and salt-containing foods.
  • Abstain from having soft drinks with a lot of sugar, cookies, sodas; salt-containing foods like fries, etc.
  • You must also avoid having too much coffee as it contains caffeine.
  • Excess alcohol can aggravate gout.
  • Citrus fruits like orange or lemon must be completely avoided.

Foods Good for Arthritis

  • Arthritis diet is a pure vegetarian diet. Therefore, try to reduce the intake of meat or avoid it completely.
  • Foods that contain high polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially the omega-3 fatty acid, are very essential to reduce joint pain and other symptoms of arthritis. Fish like tuna, herring, mackerel and salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Similarly, walnuts, avocado and soybeans also contain omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Having fresh fruits (like apples, kiwi, mango, peach, strawberries, etc.) and vegetables (like Broccoli, collard, spinach, sweet potatoes, etc) helps in relieving symptoms of arthritis. They contain many beneficial nutrients that are required by the body. They help improve the overall health of a person.
  • You must have vegetable soups, juices and herbal teas.
  • Try to eat fresh and healthy foodstuffs, avoiding processed and fried foods.

The effectiveness of the foods in reducing or aggravating arthritis differ from person to person.
For e.g., a certain foodstuff may cause aggravation of joint pain in a person, while may not affect the other person. Therefore, it is essential to consult the doctor and chalk out a proper diet plan.

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